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Internet Explorer 8 Released

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

If you didn’t already hear (and I bet you already did), Internet Explorer 8 has been released. For several months, I’ve been using the release candidates with the Internet Explorer 7 Compatibility Mode to test sites in IE7 and IE8. So far, IE8 seems like a pretty good release. I haven’t had a chance to update yet, but I’m hoping hard that things have only gotten better.

Internet Explorer Version Targeting Finally Makes Sense

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

I kept mum about Internet Explorer 8’s version targeting to see how things played out. It looks like Microsoft did the right thing for real web developers.

Version targeting allows the web developer to pick which version of Internet Explorer’s rendering engine he or she would like to use. This is great for big sites (like banks) because they can forever have a site that works in buggy Internet Explorer 6. No more freak outs when Internet Explorer updates like there were with the update to version 7. The problem wasn’t that they were introducing a proprietary header / meta tag. The problem was that all future versions of Internet Explorer would render like version 7 unless the developer opted in for the newest rendering mode. That’s right. A large majority of people would be forever designing with Internet Explorer 7!

The solution several web celebs they would adopt would be to set the version to edge to always get the latest version in an attempt to tell Microsoft that good developers don’t want to use it. The problem is that developers had to use it to not use it.

Fortunately, Microsoft came to their senses and announced they would keep version targeting but have the default behavior use the latest rendering engine. The claim is that they are trying to support the new Interoperability Principles published in February. No doubt part of the problem was the overwhelming response against defaulting to version 7 from the web standards community. Either way, I’m glad Microsoft decided not to pander to the people causing the problem.

Everyone is happy now that Internet Explorer 8 will really pass Acid 2.

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