Old Stuff Up, New Stuff On The Way

I finally finished importing all the relevant old content from Robertdots of yore. It amounted to about 36-ish posts. I’ve set up all the 301 redirects and pulled the 503 I’ve had running for a month or more.

I still have some editing to do on older stuff and I there are still some areas of the CSS that I need to address. The pressing stuff is done, though. In the days ahead, I’ll concern myself with new stuff.


4 Responses to “Old Stuff Up, New Stuff On The Way”

  1. Jeremy Logan says:

    OUT with the old, IN with the new!

  2. yay! congratulations.

  3. I recommend limiting the width of the site, or at least the text column, to some reasonable width (500 – 750px is decent), as right now it is really difficult to read these long lines (1000+px in my browser).

  4. Robert says:

    @Anatoli, That’s an issue I planned to address. I just added a max-width of 800px for the posts as a quick fix. My first inclination is a max width of 1024 (since the point of liquid layouts is to let the user decide the width, otherwise I could have done a fixed layout for 800×600), but if you’re looking for as low as 500, you’d still probably be unhappy.

    Anyway, max-width 800px for posts is the temporary fix until I can look into it more. Of course, that won’t help anyone using IE6.