Who the Hell is Domain Design Shop?

I ordered a couple domains from GoDaddy a few days ago. I wasn’t really surprised when I found an e-mail with the subject Important information about your domain. I was surprised at what was inside.

Congratulations on registering the domain: [removed for privacy]. Now is the time to establish an effective Internet presence. Domain Design Shop is an internationally recognized Web design company that specializes in marketing and branding. Our staff has assisted hundreds of companies, organizations, and individuals in achieving their goals of developing custom web sites and technology solutions.

Please click here to see our portfolio: http://www.domaindesignshop.com

Warm Regards,
DomainDesignShop.com [email: domain@domaindesignshop.com]

I’m not sure if these people are spamming me from my domain record or if they are in cahoots with GoDaddy. I’m guessing the former. I really need to set up a domains e-mail account.

So, here is this design company that spams new domain buyers in hopes that they will hire them. That is a really bad way to convince people of your services. But what the hell? I’ll take a look at their site.

I am greeted with a punch in the retina by an alarmingly green monstrosity. As usual, I look down at the bottom left of my browser at SafariTidy’s output. 6 warnings on their home page. I click to open the report. Each warning is about depreciated or proprietary attributes. The code is tag soup, and table based. None of the images have alt attributes. So far, these guys are spamming me, and showing me that the product they would provide me is complete shit.

Then I noticed that the color of the background image didn’t exactly match the background color of the document. The header image’s background color does match. So, there are all kinds of slightly different colored blocks floating around. It’s this sort of lack of attention to detail that separates the mediocre from the great. They also have a weird gray drop shadow-esque thing that I can’t figure out.

The thing that shines on their site is their logo work. I wish they would have included some one-color proofs, though. Other than that, their work isn’t particularly appealing to me. It is average, overall.

And, finally, the ISO Best Web Design 2006 badge on their site is… well, tacky. They don’t even provide a link to a press release. For all I know, it’s a stock graphic. I’ve never seen any other ISO Best Web Design badges. Since it dates the site to 2006, I’m sorry to say that the work done is not up to snuff for real professional designers. The lack of standards, offensive color scheme, and lack of attention to detail all point in the direction of Don’t Hire Me (ignoring the fact that they spammed me). In fact, they ought to be hiring me (or someone like me) to catch them up to 2005.


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