A Good Design Doesn’t Just Look Pretty

A successful design doesn’t just look pretty. It communicates.

Recently at work, I had to review several websites to determine what category the business falls under. I found only one that clearly stated what the business did. All the others were written under the assumption that the reader knew what the business did. Since I had no idea, this was rather irritating. I came to the conclusion that one of the ugliest sites on my list was the most well designed.

Websites exist to communicate. A website that doesn’t communicate is poorly designed. So, a note to designers, make sure your copy clearly states what the business does on the home page (or something akin to an about us page) so that people that aren’t familiar with the company know what the company does without having to figure it out. Otherwise, people might do what I wanted to: close the site after 10 seconds of not seeing a clear description.

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