W3C Listens, Incremental Update to HTML On The Way

Surprisingly, SlashDot scooped all the web design websites I normally read on Tim Berners-Lee’s announcement that HTML will be incrementally updated (as well as things such as the W3C‘s HTML validator)

In the post, Berners-Lee addresses folks like (in order of impact) Bjoern Hoehrmann, Jeffery Zeldman, Eric Meyer, and Molly Holzschlag who have been angry with the W3C for resting on their laurels, instead of listening to the community (apparently blatantly ignoring them). As everyone points out, the W3C should be advancing the web. Instead, small work groups are bringing us things like microformats and recommendations to update HTML.

So, the really important part of Berners-Lee’s post is not that HTML will be updated. It is that the W3C is claiming that it will now listen to the community by actually following the feedback mechanisms they have in place instead of blatantly ignoring them. The W3C is going to get back into the community instead of towering above it. Assuming they follow through, this could be a new age of progression.

I might have more to say after the weekend when the web design celebrities weigh in on the subject.


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