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Web Standards Still Matter

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

I want to do a podcast. If you are on my site and you look at the navigation bar, you’ll see a heading for it. I just haven’t had the time yet, and I’ve been questioning my original intent. Now, I don’t question it as much.

When I start thinking about how I need a head set to record the podcasts, I get all antsy. I want to make it, but I still need to come up with several weeks worth of topics. I know it’s going to be a web design podcast for hobbyists, or something like that. I couldn’t decide, however, if I should try to keep up with the bleeding edge concepts, like microformats, or continue to advocate old favorites web standards, accessibility, unobtrusive JavaScript, and the rest.

As I was walking to work Monday, I decided that there was no reason not to make a podcast that dealt with the old favorites. Web standards (and the rest) are still not widely used. I shouldn’t be dissuaded by the fact that, among the web design intelligentsia, web standards is becoming a less of a topic of discussion and more a way of life. The people that I hear that talk about this sort of thing are already living it and have moved on to the next big thing. Someone (other than the Web Standards Project, I guess) needs to keep talking about it for the newbies and late adopters.

Again, today, I was pondering this on the way to work. After sitting down at my desk and opening one of my news feeds, I saw two articles that pressed the fact people need to keep talking about web standards. Why Standards Still Matter, which appeared on Vitamin, was written by Roger Johansson (and plugged on his website) offered some helpful hints on how to keep the discussion flowing.

Robert Nyman also threw in a few words that, once again, summed up the need to use and advocate standards.

These two articles have reinforced my thoughts on where I want to head with my podcast and are worth a read if you care anything about web design.